February 16, 2009

Winter blahs

As this winter drags on my focus has switched to flying planning. I have plan to take in the Nationals and the Willi with 2 weeks in between to take in some Kooteney sites. I have also rebuilt some components of my winch. I ordered a new flying chute here, The first one I bought was too small and never provided enough tension on rewind. This new one is twice the size. I had no problem using a round drogue chute except they don't last too long dragging them through the stubble fields, and the occational fence post/well head was murder.Spring flying should kick off in the next month or two and by then I should have the winch working well. The first competition will be Miles In May but I have not heard of where or when it will be. I'm hoping my new harness will be here before then but I doubt it. Winter is almost over and the excitement for the upcoming flying season is building. This year has been terrible for wind strength and direction at the ridge. It hasn't been right all winter. Last year I had multiple flights at the ridge by February and thus far there has been nothing. Hopefully the next blog entry will be my first flight of the year, at this point it doesn't matter where or how long.