April 29, 2009

First Winch Test 2009

Jason and I went out on Sunday the 19. I found a prospect for a driver and brought him and his girlfriend out too. The day looked explosive so I took the first tow. It was fairly rough on tow, I didn't dress for it nor did I take my gps. All indicators it would be an awesome flight.

I skied out till everyone was specks on the ground and struggled to get down after I couldn't feel my fingers.

The first tow was just a test for the winch and the day but I must admit that if I was prepared I would have headed out. The winch performed beautiful. The new pulleys worked great. The new 8 sq ft flow form flying kite works great but might still be a touch small. I'm going to speed up the rewind sometime soon to counteract that.

Jason discovered something wrong with his mark 4 and decided it was time to fly the predator. He wanted smooth conditions as it was his first flight of the year, the first flight in a while on that wing, and the first time towing it. (3 wrongs is usually a no no) I took another tow when the sky filled with high cloud and it was smooth, no lift/turbulence. Jason got on the rig and had little trouble towing/flying the high performance wing. Landing however, discouraged him from trying again. Wind was dead calm till he set up final and then it went tail. With a weak flare, there was a dust cloud and a wing upside down. To me it looked like a nasty whack but he should have faired well. I resisted the urge to yell WHACK!!! Glad I did, he was pretty beat up. Looked like he was on the loosing side of a bar fight. Probably made for a good story at work the next day. Bleeding from various places on his face and a mouth full of dirt, I enthusiastically asked when he wanted to go again. I'm an asshole...... We packed up and went home. I'll probably never see my drivers again either. Was a little longer than the hour or two I think they were expecting, but I'm glad they got these videos.

April 19, 2009

Airtime at last

Finally received some much needed airtime. First time out this year and I flew for just short of an hour. Tow was uneventful.

The plan was not to go out Saturday but to go out on Sunday locally. After numerous emails, phone calls and texts I built up the courage to ask my loving wife and the answer was no. I expected that. Saturday rolled around and the forecast looked great, I cried a little. She asked if I was going to mope around the house all day. When I replied yes she kicked me out. I have a very understanding wife. No idea why she sticks around.

Pulling out my winch and headed out today for the first time this year. Looks great today too.