June 27, 2009

dry spell

My friends have left me, I'm all alone in this great sport and I don't understand why there aren't thousands beating a path to the sky. I live in a town of fifty thousand and I'm the only one who does what I do. Agonizing. I thought when I started hanggliding that it was what I always dreamed of and as soon as I explain it people will realise that same dream. That's not what happens and I've realised I must be the odd one.

My new harness has arrived but work is so hectic that I have not found the time to get to Calgary to pick it up. Worst case scenario I will pick it up on my way to the Willi competition coming up in a month. I can't wait to try it out and hope I'm not disappointed. I have a nightmare in my head that it won't fit.

I'm going to Creston for some flying July 9. I'm actually supposed to be visiting but I need to fly, only for a couple days but it will be much deserved. I haven't flown since Miles in may and I've blown through the best flying part of the year.


predator142 said...

I hear ya buddy. I fought alone with the flying addiction for 20 something years, not that it makes it any easier for you now but I know what you're going through. I'm not missing the flying yet, but maybe someday I'll need to get the wing out again.


Jason Dyer said...

I'm sure you understand.

Untill you get a username like "fatboy07" or something there will still be hope for you.