August 2, 2009

Last day of the Willi

The last day was dramatic. The weather forcast was for the best day of the meet except for strong north wind. On launch the wind wasn't bad out of the north but noone wanted to be first. It was late and soon some keener pg's launched. As soon as they started climbing it was one after the other. I noticed that they were all taking collapses not soon after lauch. It was rough. I had a great day yesterday so was not into a rough day and waited till second last to launch. I noticed imediate sink that was unrelenting untill I smacked into 1200 fpm up. I gave 5 turns and altough I gained back to launch, I went negative three times. I think I know my limits and although I could fly, it would not be fun. I opted to head out and land as did quite a few do to the rodeo air.

Soon the destress calls started coming in. One reserve toss and one strung up in a tree. The helecopter was sent out and picked them up. No injuries.

The big flight was jim S made Invermere.

Gill won beginner, I won intermediate, searge won advanced, and rob won advanced topless. It was a great meet with great weather and great to see friends again.
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