May 26, 2010

Day 4

We all expected today to be windy out of the east. We awoke to gray calm skies. The forcasted winds were still telling us we couldn't stay here and fly do to nothing west of us. After much debate we desided to tow out of lethbridge. When we arrived it was windy and a bank of gray was moving in. I decided to leave mine bagged but most set up. The gray moved in and it was apperent the soarability was fading. When the rain drops started falling the dihards packed it in. With the next three days looking ugly, everyone packed up and left. I think I'm a bad weather troll because I hear of all the stories of seven days of flying from years past but in the four years I've been coming to Miles in May we've had ugly weather for most of it. It's really to bad for the people running it (Ross and Cathy Hunter) to go through all the work of organizing to have it all fall apart do to conditions beyond their control. I love this meet and would hate to not have it.
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