May 11, 2010


It this sport you must learn about weather. I check numerous weather forecasts and compare them to what the next day turns out to be. I have gotten pretty good at forecasting but do to my lack of flying, cannot verify how great a day actually was. We had some ugly weather for the last two weeks but now the soaring forecasts are looking very promising. Miles in May is coming in under 2 weeks and I`ve been out only once this year. A crying shame and downright embarrassing. This will change tomorrow. The forecast is awesome, I rounded up a driver, and work is slow enough to take an afternoon off. This is what I`m talking about.

Ten grand cloud base, warm surface, no wind through to top of lift, fast lift rate, MASSIVE cross country potential. Not the best day to try out rusty skills but too good a day to pass up. I doubt I`ll do well but I`m game to try. Lets see how it pans out. My flight plan is to follow the hiway west from Medicine Hat.

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