May 14, 2010

excellent day, I was late

Got out to the tow road by 2:00 and the day looked great. Wind was variable so I set up at the east side to take advantage of the long road. I took forever setting up as it was my first time towing in close to a year. As I set up the clouds dissipated slowly and by the time I launched I was in a blue hole. This was the first time towing with my new harness so I didn't know what to expect. And I had to train my driver Terry. He had towed for me once before but that was a year ago. When I launched it was apparent that my bridle connection to the harness was not going to work. It was cutting into my hips and caused a great deal of discomfort. I pinned off at the first sign of lift and tried to work it but it was slow and disorganized and I soon lost it. I opted to land at the opposite side of the road and do a retow from there. The second tow terry had a brain fart and turned the tension down instead of up as soon as I launched. I floated twenty feet off the ground for what felt like eternity hoping he would realize what he had done. Just when I was about to pull the pin the tension rose and I climbed the rest of the tow. It was a slow smooth climb with no turbulence. I pinned off and found I was in a sink hole at 600 FPM down. I was on the ground in no time. I conceded defeat at that point. And I had to fix the tow bridle attachment point. I dropped off my harness at the seamstress Thursday with a plan. I doubt I'll get out again before Miles in May competition in a week. I'm glad I found a couple bugs to fix.

At the top of my tow I could hear familiar voices on the radio. It was Mike and John. I had a brief conversation and mike had said he was at the 100 km mark from Gliechen to the north. This would mean he was 300 km away. Holy radio reception! No clue where he got to.

I found out later that day that Lief had flown 177 Km and Rob had done 150. Good flying guys.

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