July 22, 2010

Day five

A storm was dumping south down the valley. I was not moving and soon it started to dissipate and everyone started to get ready to go. The ramp was windy and people were having a hard time controlling in the wind. Doug K got a wing high and blew his launch into the hilside north of the ramp. He fared well and was unhurt but the ju-ju level dropped and not to many were raring to go after. I qued in on the grass and got off with some running. I got up over the peak and headed out and soon had Ralph and Gary B tailing me. Do to no jacket and the subsequent lack of warmth I stayed low and fast. They stayed on my tail till the range split when i got too low and they continued on to Invermere while I landed. Doug L made canal flats for the longest of the day. A couple of PG's made invermere as well

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