July 25, 2010

Final day (7)

The day started with plenty of sled runners under a clear blue sky. Mid morning our eyes were drawn to a five hundred foot tall dust devil on launch 3 times in a row clearly visable from the lz. Once on lauch, conditions looked melow. A few pg'ers went and rarely did one stick. The wind switched from steady south to honkin cycles out of the west. The hanggliders lined up qwickly and launched. I helped a few off and suited up. In the air it was odd. You could turn a good few turns in a strong thousand up and then it would get very turbulant. Once I got over the peak I had had enough and desided to test the lift on the other side of the valley. It wasn't as rough nor was it as strong. I made it back to 9G and tried to get to kicking horse gondola but every tome I got close to the mountain I got trashed by lee side turbulance. I gave up and landed. Doug L made it the farthest at 20K south of canal flats. Doug K was at fairmont, Ralph and Gary made invermere.

Awards dinner had john C winning intermediat. Grandprariejohn won advanced with Ralph in 2nd and me in third. Doug L won topless with Doug K in 2nd and Rob in third.

The next week looks stellar and I wish all the compeditors of the PG Nationals good safe flying

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