July 18, 2010

Willi, Day one

The day started with a fantastic forcast and lots of morning sledders by new students. We all critiqued the students as they flew. One new pg student made some bad decisions and wound up with a helecopter ride off the mountain and a broken back.

On launch later that day we noticed some rough air in some of the pg's that launched. Most got up and away. I was around 5th HG to launch and I found it was rough and punchy right away. I got up over mt 7 and proceded down the valley. Passed many pg's along the way and hooked up with rob and fiona and a couple others. I lost fiona near parsons when she got drilled and had to dig out of a landing field, and lost rob in the middle of the range divide. From then on I was by myself in the lead. I had no problem making Invermere except for physical discomfort. I almost gave up many times due to frozen fingers and sore sholders. I made it in just under 3 hours. Fi came in 15 min later. Rob dug himself out and landed at canal flats as did Mike S and Brett. I think that was the fathest of the day.

The air was rough but not unmanagable. Not pg weather though. One had a reserve toss and got strung in a tree, and they all have pucker stories.

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